Finding a Training Company to partner with your organisation can be challenging!
We trust that our website will assist you to make that pivotal choice. Since 2000 the team at Populus Development Consulting have been delivering outstanding services to both the public and private sectors in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.

Our focus is on empowering and enabling people in your organisation to access their inner wisdom and transfer that into their various environments to ignite the fires of those they interact with. 

About Us

Populus Development Consulting is an Accredited Training Provider:
Accreditation number: 587/00169/1900.

We offer

  • Training Programs
  • Business Coaching
  • Education Services
  • Assessment & Moderation

Populus Development Consulting was established in 2011 with the intent of empowering the growth and development of people in a fun, exciting and sustainable manner.

We have a seasoned team of talented Coaching and Training Consultants.

Since 2000, under the banner of parent company Anthony Consulting, this team has been assisting clients grow their most valuable asset – their people.

They have worked extensively in the Public and Private sectors in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya. Our methods are engaging and our goal is simple: we want to help you and your organisation achieve your high priority goals.

Our Vision

To be the go to company for staff training and business development.

Our Mission

  • To deliver seminars in a manner that incites learning and transference of new skills into the business.
  • To employ innovative approaches at a sustainable rate to ensure brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • To professionally coach people to release their full potential.
  • To be client focused from start to end. To act in a manner that endorses our internal professionalism.

Our Values 

  • Professionalism - display professionalism in our conduct and competence.
  • Openness - invite openness in our engagements with our stakeholders.
  • Passion - demonstrate passion in our delivery and interactions.
  • Innovate – employ innovation as a fundamental ingredient in our delivery.
  • Energize – present in a manner that releases internal energy in delegates.

Why make use of Populus Development Consulting?

  • We acknowledge that our success is interconnected with our clients’ success.
  • We subscribe to professionalism as a fundamental ingredient of our service delivery.
  • We believe in the principle of diagnosing before we prescribe, hence your business needs will always inform our service delivery.
  • We specialise in designing, developing and facilitating seminars that transfer relevant skills into your business.
  • Our seminars teach mind set changes that result in value adding behavioural changes which result in the achievement of your high priority goals.